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You Can Get A Fish Skeleton Light Just In Time For Halloween

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This LED Lighted Fish Skeleton is a fun and quirky different addition to any Halloween boneyard setup.

Home Depot

Sure, we have shown you plenty of scary Halloween decorations this year, like this Dragon That Breathes Fog.


But, this skeleton fish can either be added as a spooky part of a ghoulish graveyard, or if you aren’t wanting to be quite so scary, it can just be a fun part of your Halloween decorations.

Home Depot

The fish skeleton is spooky enough to be fun, but not creepy enough to totally freak out those young trick-or-treaters.

Made with a strong steel frame, this fish would be perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Home Depot

You can purchase a few stakes to stick this fish skeleton into the ground outside, or you can totally mount it on a wall in your house.

It shines bright with 82 pure white LED lights, and it is about 2 feet wide.

Home Depot

I love how the lights wrapping around that steele frame give it a kind of squiggly look.

Home Depot

This Halloween decoration runs $99, and can be a part of your display year after year.

Home Depot

You can get your own LED Skeleton Fish on the Home Depot website.

It just might be my favorite Halloween decoration I’ve seen this year!

Home Depot

If you are wanting a decoration that’s a little bit less bright, you can get this Fish Bone Skeleton decoration on the Walmart website.


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