The Texas Roadhouse CEO Gave Up His Salary to Ensure Front-Line Employees Are Paid

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I have been reading about so many great things lately. I know, most of you are only seeing the bad and sad, but if you really look, you will see people doing a lot of good!

Texas Roadhouse CEO, W. Kent Taylor is giving up his base salary as well as his bonus for the year to make sure their front line employees are PAID!

This will be from March 18th until January 7th, 2021!


In 2018 his total compensation was $1.3 million with a base salary of $525,000.


I know what companies I will be supporting when this is all over! I have been watching which companies are doing their best to support their employees!


I love seeing all of these companies helping make sure their employees are taken care of during such a difficult, stressful time! Do good y’all!


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