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Dollar Tree Is Selling Entire Fairy Garden Sets and They Are Pure Magic

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My girls may be teenagers, but they still love the fun stuff and that includes fairies!

Christmas just passed, but I am already on the hunt for something fun for Valentine’s Day and these fairy kits will be a hit!

Shoot, I’m thinking about getting one for myself as well!

I never expected to find these complete Fairy Garden kits from Dollar Tree and they are so affordable!

I have a feeling these will sell out quickly, so if you want some… get them now!


These will be so fun to set up with my 3 daughters and I can’t wait to get them!

They start at just $17!

Now, you will not find these in Dollar Tree stores, they are sold exclusively online.

There are sts that have 29 pieces and sets that have 31 pieces and they come with everything you need!

Here are the sets that they are selling:

The Sweets Fairy Garden Collection sells for just $17 and is totally adorable, perfect for the person that loves sweets!

Dollar Tree

The collection includes: 3 fairy garden houses (1 layer cake, 1 cupcake, and 1 buttercream castle), 5 different accessories (1 ice cream truck, 1 rainbow, 1 gum ball machine, 1 cake and tea table, and 1 set of frozen treats), and 20 whimsical figurines and accessories (1 fairy on a llama, 1 fairy with a cupcake, 3-ct. pack of wrapped candy, 3-ct. pack of party accessories, 3-ct. pack of small buildings, 3-ct. pack of little girls playing, and two 3-ct. packs of yard signs) and 1 display yard.

Product description
Dollar Tree

If you have someone that loves the beach, then the Beachy Keen Fairy Garden Set is perfect for them and is also only $17!

Dollar Tree

The 29-pc. set includes 3 fairy houses (1 conch house, 1 sand castle, and 1 beach changing house), 3 vehicles (1 beach beetle, 1 groovy van, and 1 boat), 2 beach accessories (1 lighthouse and 1 shade pagoda), and 20 figurines and accessories (1 gnome lifeguard, 1 gnome with sign, 3-ct. pack of gnome friends, 3-ct. pack of beach animals, 3-ct. pack of beach toys, and 3-ct. pack of sea accessories) and 1 sand square.

Product description
Dollar Tree

My favorite set is the Whimsical Fairy Garden 31-Piece Collection, it’s perfect for me and is only $19!

Dollar Tree

31-Piece Whimsical Fairy Garden Set including 3 fairy garden houses (3-4.375 in.), 1 fairy camper (4.375 in.), 3 fairy doors (4 in), 6 different accessories (garden gate archway, fire pit, tractor, welcome sign, and stone pathway; .5-3.25 in.), and 18 whimsical figurines (9 gnomes, 3 woodland animals, and 6 garden-building accessories; 1-2 in.)

Product description
Dollar Tree

You may be able to get free shipping if you choose the ship-to-store option if it is available in your area.

You can buy your own fairy garden kit here!

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