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Sprite Is No Longer Going to Be Sold in Green Bottles

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Sprite bottles are about to go through a big change, and this may take some getting used to.

Currently the bottles are very recognizable as one of the green bottled sodas. In fact, whenever I go to a convenient store, I can pretty much grab a bottle of Sprite without even looking at the name on the bottle.

It’s green. It’s pretty much always been green. It’s just what we know.

But now, in order to be more environmentally conscious, Sprite is moving from its signature green-colored bottle to a clear bottle.

Why Is Sprite Changing The Color Of Its Bottles?

According to a statement from The Coca-Cola Company, it all has to do with recycling the plastic from the bottles.

Taking colors out of bottles improves the quality of the recycled material. — This transition will help increase availability of food-grade rPET. When recycled, clear PET Sprite bottles can be remade into bottles, helping drive a circular economy for plastic.

Julian Ochoa, CEO
The Coca-Cola Company

Right now, the green Sprite bottles are separated from clear bottles for recycling, because green bottles can’t be made into new bottles.

Although green PET is recyclable, the recycled material is more often converted into single-use items like clothing and carpeting that cannot be recycled into new PET bottles. 

The Coca-Cola Company

This move to clear bottles will help keep more 100% rPET in circulation, and cut the need for new plastic in the bottles.

Sprite is also introducing a new logo, which will be more visually identifying and consistent across the world.

Sprite’s packaging graphics will retain the brand’s recognizable green hue and include prominent “Recycle Me” messaging.

The Coca-Cola Company

This shift from green bottles to clear bottles will start August 1st.

Dasani Water Bottles Are Transitioning to “100% Recycled Plastic.”

The Coca-Cola Company

It will still be the same Dasani water we know and love. But, moving to these 100% recycled plastic bottles will “save more than 20 million pounds of new plastic.”

It is important to note that it is just the bottle that will be 100% recycled. This does not include the labels or the lids.

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