Oreo Is Selling Ice Cream Cake Rolls And My Mouth Is Drooling

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Oreo has absolutely nailed it with their not so new, but very intriguing Oreo ice cream rolls. Just the name by itself sounds delicious am I right?

Courtesy of Meijer

Oreo ice cream rolls are every kids birthday cake dream and shoot, it’s my preferred birthday cake too and it’s most definitely, a step up from your OG crunchy Oreo cookies.

Courtesy of Instacart

This sweet treat already makes it difficult to just buy one from the outside packaging and after we take a dive of what’s inside this ice cream, you’ll want to buy at least six off the shelf.


The 10-inch ice cream cake is a cylinder shaped treat filled with creamy vanilla ice cream, coated with Oreo cookie crumbles and stuffed with Oreo chunks.

So basically, you’re getting double the amount of Oreo flavoring which comes from the Oreo cookie crumbles AND the chopped Oreo pieces.


The 32 ounce cake can be found at Meijer for $10 each and can also be ordered online for just under $8 on Instacart.


Now I don’t know about you, but I just found my new ice cream flavor, sorry chocolate, we’ve had a good run!

Courtesy of Instacart

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