Home Depot Is Selling A 5-Foot Spider You Can Put In Your Yard For Halloween

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Ahhhh I am so excited!! I am not going to lie, I totally bought this!!

So, last year we had a neighbor that literally decorated their ENTIRE HOUSE with spiders – big and small and they had several of these giant spiders all over their yard. I was in AWE.

So, as soon as I saw that Home Depot was selling these 5-Foot Spiders, I knew I had to have one! They are creepy cool!

Now, this isn’t the first time that Home Depot has released these. These giant spiders were originally released a few years ago but entirely sold out after some viral YouTube videos went around.

They are finally back and you’ll want to JUMP on the opportunity to get one before they are gone!

Add a creepy-crawly addition to your Halloween decor with this gargantuan spider yard decoration.

Standing at 5.5 feet in height, this monstrous arachnid commands attention in your yard, offering a terrifying welcoming display. The six light-up eyes create the impression of a lingering stare to startle your company, and the volume-controlled hissing sounds deliver well-timed frights. A weatherproof design allows versatile indoor or outdoor use. This gargantuan spider yard decoration features giant posable legs, letting you bend its limbs to various horrifying positions for a creative night of scares, and an included metal stand and base simplify assembly.

You can get the 5-Foot Spider from Home Depot’s website Here. Be prepared, it costs $349.99 but it entirely worth it!!

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