You Can Now Get An Oogie Boogie Plushie and I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

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The Oogie Boogie might be considered the meanest character in Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas movie, but the new plush toy inspired by the character is in fact the biggest softie.

The 11 inch overstuffed plush is made with a burlap textured fabric to look as similar to the character represented in the film as possible!

The details include black stitching all around the outside of the green plushie, two great big eyes and a cunning smile to match his personality.

The only detail missing is his mouth made of worms and the snake for his tongue.

Courtesy of Amazon

Soft on the inside and smooth on the outside, the Oogie Boogie makes a great present under the tree for those who like to shop early for the holidays, or a decoration propped up for spooky season.

Courtesy of Amazon

Place the character on the bedside table or on mantel above the kitchen sink, the Oogie Boogie creates freight anyplace at anytime.

You can currently find the Oogie Boogie on Amazon for $38 and yes, we can’t believe our eyes either!

Courtesy of Amazon

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