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We Went Totally Dark For Dinner!

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Well, last week I told you guys about how my family was going #DarkForDinner. As in, no cell phones and no electronics at the table. Just us, and food.

dark for dinner And that’s it. Wow. I thought it would be difficult. I thought it would be hard to sit and talk without checking my email. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it. I thought my daughter would make a youtube joke and then need to prove how funny it was with a clip, but she didn’t. dark for dinner2 Our phones buzzed off in the background. We heard them, but we didn’t care. We had stories to tell! It started off a little quiet, I am not going to lie. And, when someone spouted off a fact during dinner that nobody else believed, my husband almost went over to check it out on his phone. But then, he stopped himself. How important is it really to be right when the whole point of the conversation is to just HAVE the conversation anyway? dark for dinner The time flew by, and we’ve decided to make it a weekly thing. Dark for dinner is a special time for my family.

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