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Bat Eye Makeup Is This Year’s Creepy New Beauty Trend And I Love It

Last year, we showed you the Halloween makeup trend that people were wearing on the daily: Spiderweb Makeup. It was, and quite frankly still is, pretty amazing.

But, THIS year, there is a new trend, and I’m totally loving it!

People are either adding little bats to their eye makeup, or they are making bat wings out of their eyeliner — kind of like adding a wing — I guess it’s LITERALLY like adding a bat wing. Ha!!

I’m a sucker for a new Halloween makeup trend that can be worn every day. I could spend hours on Instagram and TikTok seeing how talented OTHER people are, because there is no way I could get my makeup to be this gorgeous!

Just look how creepy cool this is! Gah!! Someone come do this on my eyes.

I just don’t know that I would be able to make these bats look correctly on my eyes. I think the bats would turn out looking like bat blobs if I tried it. Ha!

Could you pull this off when you do your makeup? Would you wear this on the daily?

I totally would, if I could figure out how to do it, and make it look good.

Are there any cool Halloween makeup trends that you are doing? I would love to know what they are!!