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Spiderweb Makeup Is The Creepy New Trend And I Love It

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Spiderweb makeup is the thing right now!! I’m not talking like disgustingly dusty cobwebs that hang from your ceilings or in the corners of your windows.

These spiderwebs are the coolest thing I have seen in a while! Look how absolutely freaking gorgeous this is!!


I’m a sucker for a new makeup trend. I could spend hours on Instagram seeing how talented other people are, because there is no way I could get my makeup to be that on fleek (Do people still say that?).

Since Halloween is right around the corner, I wanted to see what creepy trends are happening in the makeup world and that is when I came across this beautiful (and creepy) trend.


There are some designs I might be able to pull off, like this one. These makeup geniuses are adding spiderwebs subtly to the corners of their eyes.

Some people are making the designs more intricate. This makeup artist even added shading for a 3-D look!


There are others who are adding spiders to the webs. How awesome is this?!?


For an even more daring look, some are straying farther from the eye line. I don’t hate it!


This design has bats and a full moon! Gah!! Someone needs to help me get this on my eyes right now.


This probably isn’t a look you could pull off all year, but why not be daring and try it now! YOLO (Is that still a thing?).


I would LOVE to see your pictures if you try this trend!! You can add a comment below, and we can all see how amazing you look.


Happy Halloween!!

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  1. ?? So pretty ? I want to try this but so am so not an artist ?

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