You Can Now Get An ‘IT’ Balloon Lamp And I’m A Little Terrified

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You have to be a die-hard fan of IT for this one. Straight out of your Pennywise nightmares comes this creepy piece of fandom memorabilia … a floating IT lamp.

The Firebox company has come out with a table lamp that looks just like Pennywise’s floating red balloon from the movie. I’m not scared, you are!

The website describes this creepy lamp as “a terrifying twist on your usual home decor, perfect for illuminating your local rain gutters.” I think I just peed myself a little.

The site goes on to say that you can “relax knowing that an evil ancient clown is watching you.” I mean, I may have nightmares.

Firebox is preselling this lamp now for $37.99, if you are brave enough to pick one up for yourself.

They are expected to be in October 21, just in time to creep out every guest that comes over for the Halloween holiday.

The site states that you can “terrify any poor guests to your home with this spooky lamp. A near identical replica to the one from the films, this red balloon casts a surprisingly ambient glow over everything in the room. It would almost be relaxing if its presence didn’t indicate that you’re being watched by an evil clown.”

Firebox also gives one final warning about the lamp: “This balloon does not produce a clown-shaped shadow. If you see one, RUN. You are in immediate danger. Vacate the premises immediately. Pennywise appearance imminent.”

Enjoy that. I’ll be steering clear of your terrifying IT house this Halloween!

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