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The ‘Disney Family Singalong’ Is Now On Disney+ And My Singing Voice Is Ready

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Raise your hand if you watched the ABC television special, Disney Family Singalong.

Courtesy of Disney+

Now raise both hands in the air, and wave them around if you sang along with every single song!

It was a good time, that is for sure!

Courtesy of ABC

Now for the best news — the Disney Family Singalong is coming to Disney+. Yes, I’m serious!


Well, that’s not EXACTLY true. It isn’t COMING to Disney+, IT’S ALREADY THERE!


Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, this is 52 minutes of pure fun for the whole family!


In this special, we get to see celebrities in their own homes, and with their own families, sing some of our favorite Disney Tunes.


AND, the words to the songs are on the screen, so there is NO EXCUSE for you not to sing along — Loud and Proud!


So, we invite you to relax and whip up some Disney Chocolate Chip Cookies, while the dining room proudly presents, the Disney Family Singalong on Disney+.


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