Here’s How You Can Invite Any Farm Animal To Your Next Video Call

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If you need your spirits lifted, this is something that will surely brighten your day and will make you chuckle too! It involves farm animals…

Nowadays, everyone is using Zoom to either continue learning or working.

Some people are even using the platform to video chat with friends and family who they can’t see right now.


Well, what if I told you that you can make your Zoom meetings even more interesting rather than just saying hi to your human friends.

You can now include a Llama, Goat, Cow or any other farm animal of your choosing to join your professional meetings or casual conversations!


Thanks to Sweet Farm in Half Moon Bay, California, you can have a little bit more fun when it comes to your Zoom calls!


The programs is called “Goat 2 Meeting” and you can schedule your time slot of your choosing here.

Their overall mission is to not only make people smile, but to also educate on the negative impacts of industrialized farming.

You can also schedule a virtual tour with an introduction of the animals living on the farm, now that’s one way to spice up a mandatory meeting!


“Our board member, Jon Azoff, came up with the idea and said, ‘You know, we’re having so many company meetings and happy hours but they’re all boring. What if we could get a goat or llama on the call’, said Nate Salpeter, Sweet Farm Co-founder, told CNN.

Nate Salpeter

All proceeds will go towards the farm’s mission to rescue farm animals! However, teachers and students will receive free calls from the farm. You can check out specific prices here on their website!


“With animals, everything is totally unscripted,” said Salpeter. “People’s spirits get lifted for just a little bit in this crazy, crazy time when people drastically need it.”

Nate Salpeter

Sweet Farm’s new program has become so widely popular that their schedule is booked until June!

People love animals what can I say, and who wouldn’t enjoy a Llama munching on his lunch while your discussing important meetings with your boss!


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