Simply Released A New Spiked Peach Flavor Just in Time for Summer

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Simply beverages has made it clear that they’re not only good at making juice, but mixing cocktails too.

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Alongside Simply Mocktails and the Simply Spiked Lemonade pack, the beverage giant has created yet another boozy line inspired by one of their best-selling juice beverages.

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So move over Spiked Lemonade, Simply Spiked Peach needs room on your refrigerator shelf, but you’ll have to beat the crowd to snag this juicy drink.

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What’s dubbed the Simply Spiked Peach collection, this variety pack features a peachy taste in four different fruit flavors including Kiwi Peach, Mango Peach, Strawberry Peach, and their Signature Peach.

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Each can will bottle 5% real fruit juice that’s squeezed and then concentrated for a refreshing taste which makes this drink, the perfect beverage to sip on during the dog days of summer.

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So there’s no need to squeeze your own peaches to make juice this summer because Simply has you covered with a boozy twist, for adults 21 and up only.

And even though you may be drooling now, Simply will not be releasing this spiked peach lineup until the end of the month because everybody knows that peaches, aren’t in season until the beginning of April.

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So when Simply beverages hands out lemons, you make peaches instead.

Courtesy of Simply Spiked

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