Waffle House Is Banning All Secret Menu Hacks, Including The Viral ‘Waffle House Sandwich’

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Well, there’s finally an establishment that has had enough of the fun secret menu recipes floating around the interwebs.

Waffle House has made it quite clear that they are not going to cater to special requests when it comes to food.

I mean, they will let you do the normal requests — ketchup, sugar-free syrup, pickles on the side, etc.

But, if you go in and request the viral “Waffle House Sandwich,” you’re going to be out of luck.

What is the “Waffle House Sandwich?”

Well, I’m not gonna lie. It sounds hella good!!

It’s huge, and you’d probably share it with 3 other people, but it sounds amazing!!

This viral sandwich — which is NOT on the menu — features three eggs, a variety of meats, and cheese all sandwiched between two large waffles.

Then you top the entire thing with syrup.

Oh. My. Gosh. Doesn’t that sound delish?!?

BUT, you can’t get it anymore. *Sad Face*

Waffle House is so over it. They are sick of people making TikTok subs to their menu.

There are even some Waffle Houses that have posted signs letting patrons know that they have to stick to the menu.

Waffle House is not playing with y’all.


Of course, there is a workaround. You can order everything to make the sandwich — 3 scrambled eggs with cheese, meat, 2 waffles — and put it together yourself.

Surely, they can’t complain about that!

What do you think of Waffle House putting an end to special requests?

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