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Chips Ahoy And Oreo Dessert Toppings Are Here And I Need Them

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You have to check out what I just found out is dropping into stores as we speak!

These Nabisco Dessert Toppings are just the best thing to come out of this week. And, there have been A LOT of good things happening in the world of sweets this week, let me tell ya!

See these are pre crumbled up cookies of the delicious variety, and you can use them on ice cream, in yogurt, as a cake topping, or for whatever dessert you usually top with treats.

You might be thinking, “Hey genius. You can just grab a bunch of cookies and crumble them up yourself.”

Well see, here’s the thing. I’m lazy AF.

These Dessert Toppings are just so convenient to store in the cupboard, and pull out to use whenever that sweet tooth hits.

People have been shouting it from the roofs that they have found these in TWO flavors so far: Chips Ahoy and Oreo.

You have to check out this premier Oreo Cafe that boasts secret menu items, merchandise, and a sweet bar!

Can you just picture all the possible collabs that are about to happen with these cookie dessert toppings?

Mondelez [the parent company of Nabisco] has two new revamped toppings now at Walmart, in Chips Ahoy! and Oreo. If you guys recall my post from a few weeks ago, Mondelez also dropped Chips Ahoy Crunchy pieces for food supply companies(meaning you’d see a lot of partnerships with the product..(Ex::BK, McDz, Wawa)


So far, these have been spotted at Walmart, but I’m betting they are going to drop into all the usual grocery suspects (Target, Kroger, Food Lion, etc).

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