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This Loungefly Mickey Bat Backpack Glows In The Dark And Is Perfect For Halloween

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Every time I see a new Loungefly product, I just have to get it! There has never been a design that I don’t like.


A Mickey Mouse Bat Mini Backpack exists, and the Halloween Disney lover in me is jumping for joy!


This is a Loungefly exclusive piece — which means you KNOW it is well made — and it is so different, quirky, and adorable.

I haven’t even told you the best part yet — it glows in the dark!!


Yep! Mickey’s eyes, nose, and mouth are made of a glow-in-the-dark material, and it will shine bright in the dark.

So freaking cute! The glow is fantastic will glow nicely even in the daylight

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I just love all things Disney, and this will go GREAT with the Halloween holiday season that is quickly approaching.

You know what’s cool? When you aren’t wearing this Mickey Bat Backpack, you can put it on a shelf as a super cute Halloween decoration!


I love this bag. It looks great on a shelf and it “charges” perfectly to glow in the dark brightly.

Amazon Reviews

If you don’t want to wear it as a backpack, you can take off the strap, and just carry it by the top handle.


You can get this Loungefly Exclusive Backpack for $120.

This Mickey Mouse Bat Mini Backpack can be found on the Amazon website.


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