McDonalds Has Officially Removed Their Spicy Nuggets Off The Menu And I’m Upset About It

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I feel like it was just yesterday that McDonalds introduced their own line of spicy nuggets into the world because oh wait, that’s because it was just yesterday; although if we’re being technical about it, it was a little over a month ago.

Courtesy of McDonalds

The McDonalds spicy nuggets was an outstanding creation in the lab. It was the perfect ratio between spice and chicken and had a crunch similar to a crispy potato chip.


Yesterday evening, when I went to go pick up what is now my favorite meal at McDonalds, I was told that they were completely sold out.


So my first thought initially was to ask if they were getting new shipment later this week and that’s when I was told the spicy nuggets were a bigger hit than what corporation thought.

So, since the new line of nuggets were here for a limited time only, they have been officially removed from the menu due to supply running out.


When I tell you I drove off in sadness without even ordering at least a medium fry, it’s true.


Oh and one more thing, this also includes the immaculate mighty hot sauce.


However, I was told by an employee that if the McDonalds near you for some rare reason, is currently not out of the spicy nuggets just yet, you may still have time to get the meal one last time until they run out!


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