These Retro Campers Have a Roof That Also Doubles As A Row Boat and I Need One

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I love all things retro, especially retro campers!

There is a company that is building campers that have a completely retro look. They have a very unique feature though, a roof that is removable to use as a row boat!

The American Dream Trailer Company

Yes, an actual useable row boat! These campers are probably one of the coolest things I have ever come across and I want one so badly!

The American Dream Trailer Company

Now, the idea isn’t new.

The original teardrop camper with a rowboat roof was designed back in the 1950s and 1960s.

A company in Washington called the Tow-Row Company made them. They are no longer in business though and the design became a cool project for DIYers.

A company called The American Dream Trailer Company from Portland, Oregon made its own version and started selling them.

The campers are made from fiberglass and have room for two adults to sleep. When not being used for sleeping, the bed can turn into a seating area with a table where you can eat or work. Sounds like a writers dream!

The American Dream Trailer Company

It has an 8×4 frame and only weighs 650 lbs, which means it is really easy to tow! No need for some huge diesel truck!

The American Dream Trailer Company

Sadly, The American Dream Trailer Company doesn’t seem to be running anymore. However, it seems like the price range for building your own is between $8.9K and $12k dollars.

The American Dream Trailer Company

Check out this video and see just why I am in love with them! I’m going to ask my husband to build us one! I may even beg a bit, but I think he’ll totally be into it! What do you think? Do you love it?

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