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Niagara Falls Is Covered In Ice And The Photos Are Breathtaking

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Have you ever been to Niagara Falls? I don’t think I have, if I had it would have been when I was too little to even remember.

mims.travels – Instagram

It has been so cold across the United States and Canada that Niagara Falls has turned into a beautiful winter wonderland!

Some parts of Niagara Falls have frozen.

videvich – Instagram

I don’t plan on traveling any time soon, but these photos make me want to go and see it for myself! The frozen falls are especially beautiful with the rainbows!

This view is not abnormal in the winter at Niagara Falls, so maybe another year I can make my way up to experience it myself.

longexpo_addiction – Instagram

Did you know that water can freeze that has actually gone over the falls? I was sure it all moved too fast for that to happen. However, it happens and it looks like some sort of glacier!

This usually only happens when there are long periods of freezing temperatures, which we have been experiencing here in the United States and Canada.

rosen.cheryl – Instagram

I just think it’s a calm and relaxing site and I hope you enjoyed the images as much as I did! Be sure to check out the Instagram accounts they came from for more!

rishabh3857 – Instagram

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