Brach’s Has Just Released New Skulls And Bones Candy Corn Just In Time For Halloween

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When you think of candy corn, I bet you think of the yellow, orange, white, and triangle shaped candy. However, Brach’s candy is changing the way we all see candy corn for the foreseeable future.

Introducing, skulls and bones candy corn! Ohhh, yes.


This bag of candy corn is the spookiest one of them all and what’s even better than the skulls and bones, is that this bag also has the OG candy corn everyone is used to seeing come Halloween; plus, a bonus candy corn is also included that’s decorated with a white tip and a deep purple bottom.


To go along with the Halloween aesthetic, the bag is decorated with a full moon, flying bats and what looks like a hand crawling out of the ground in a graveyard with a bright blue background.


There are also four different flavors to consider trying in each bag including banana, caramel, chocolate sea salt, and of course, your regular go-to candy corn flavor.

Now if you’re looking for the bright blue bag in stores, you can find the spooky bag on the shelves at Kroger stores or even on ebay, believe or not.

Courtesy of ebay

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