Target’s Been Using Models With Stretch Marks For Years & Nobody Noticed

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Target used to take a lot of flack for photoshopping and retouching their models in images.

They are responsible for some of the greatest photoshop fails of all time.

So, in order to make right, they started putting real pictures on their ads instead.

And they’ve been quietly doing this for a couple of years now.

Target’s Models Are Rocking Stretch Marks And Muffin Tops, And It’s Awesome.

They aren’t photoshopping out the lumps, the bumps or even the stretch marks.

They are leaving the imperfections in that make women beautiful, and they’re completely committed to it.

Even today, you can walk into a Target and see women on the life sized end caps that look like you.

That’s right. They came up with a plan to make good on a mistake they made, and they’ve stuck to it.

That’s pretty impressive, and as your average joe consumer, that makes me want to shop there, even if they are tracking my location with the Target app.

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