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This VSCO Dog Video Is The Cutest Thing Ever

I don’t care if you are a VSCO girl or not. You have to watch this video of @themgoldenboys taking the Scrunchie Challenge on TikTok! — or maybe they are talking the ‘Put It In A Bun’ challenge. I don’t care. It’s cute!

These absolutely adorable dogs go totally VSCO using ALL the scrunchies!

Move over Cute Cat Memes — I need more of this in my life!

There are several things EVERY VSCO girl must have. Hydro Flasks, Puka Shell Necklaces, Birkenstocks, Crocs, and of course, Scrunchies!! These cute pups are well on their way!

See the video from TikTok below.

Do you know a VSCO girl who needs all the VSCO accessories? We gotcha, Boo. Amazon has these super-cute Hydro Flasks for just $29.95 for an 18-inch bottle.

You can also get these VSCO Puka Shell Necklaces for $4.98. That is SUCH a great price!

How about Crocs? You will definitely need a pair to be VSCO. Get yours right on Amazon!

OF COURSE, you will need to stock up on Scrunchies. Amazon has you covered.

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