Hostess Carrot Cake Donettes Are Here Just In Time for Spring Snacking

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There does seem to be the light of spring at the end of this long winter tunnel!

Hostess always makes thing better, and today, they have brought a bit of spring into my thirty degree winter world! Two words: Carrot Cake!

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YES! Hostess has brought their Donette Variety sweet treats back in the flavor of Carrot Cake, and I couldn’t be more ready for that taste of sunshine and spring.

Via munchiebunchie on Instagram

These have been spotted at Walmart, in an ON THE GO box. Each box has eight packages of three pre-packed donuts. Just the right size to throw in your purse for a snack on the go!

If you LOVE cinnamon, you will LOVE these little donuts! Reviewers say they taste a lot like a cinnamon coffee cake, and I’m super okay with that!

They DO have little crunchy bits on the outside — my FAVORITE part! They are supposed to be little bits of coconut, but they look like a coffee cake crumble, and I’m totally down to try it.

Via munchiebunchie on Instagram

You can get these Donette Carrot Cake Donuts right NOW at Walmart. Although they are limited edition, they are not exclusive to Walmart. They should be rolling out to other stores soon!

Each box should set you back about three bucks. I think I have three dollars worth of change on the floorboard of my car! Time to dig it out.

While you are at Walmart checking out these amazing Donette Carrot Cakes, you have got to go grab a box of these Limited Edition Hostess Llama Cakes. They are as Good as they are Cute!!

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