Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches Exist For The Perfect Fall Treat

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When is there not a good time to enjoy ice cream? Even in the dead of winter, I occasionally enjoy a few scoops of chocolate ice cream especially with hot fudge on top.

Courtesy of Whole Foods Market

Speaking of which, there’s nothing better than the sweet treat unless it’s fall flavored and if you’ve been searching for that perfect pumpkin taste, look no further.


If you currently shop at Whole Foods, you may or may not have noticed that the grocery store is selling Organic Pumpkin Pie Sandwiches made by 365 Everyday Value.


They’re your classic OG ice cream sandwich except it’s also completely different at the same time. The two wafers on the outside resemble a gingersnap flavor while the ice cream in the middle is pumpkin flavored!

Not to mention, the sandwich looks so festive considering the ice cream in the middle is bright orange.


You can currently purchase the limited edition 6 count box for 5 dollars at any Whole Foods market!


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