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You Can Get Peeps Bunny Yard Signs For The Sweetest Yard On The Block

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My favorite Easter treats are Peeps!

I love nearly all of the flavors of the little marshmallow critters, but purple is my favorite!

Easter is pretty much right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about Easter decorations.

These Peeps Bunny Yard Signs are where it’s at this year for an overload of sweet cuteness!


With each order, you will get 7 Peeps signs that come in a variety of pastel colors that include purple, yellow, pink, blue, orange, green, and aquamarine blue colors.


Each Bunny Peep measures 14 inches high, and they are perfect for decorating your front yard in a way that will turn heads and make people smile.

These bunny peeps are adorable! I’m shocked how well they’ve held up. I put them up 2 weeks ago and we have had a ton of rain and wind and they stayed put! Adorable and sturdy!

Paula G

They’re made of thick corrugated plastic that is weather-resistant, waterproof, super durable, and lightweight.

The Peeps Bunny yard signs come with stakes, so setting them up is super easy and fast.


So pleased each peep comes with two yard sticks. The colors are bright and fun. My kiddos say they make the yard look happy!

Amazon customer review

You can buy the Peeps bunny yard signs on Amazon right now and they’re super affordable!


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