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Barney Crocs Exist, And I’ve Never Wanted A Pair Of Crocs Clogs So Bad In My Entire Life

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I love you. You love me…

They have come out with a bunch of crazy cool Crocs as of late, but these new Crocs just might take the prize for the most amazing ones yet!

Get this — Crocs just dropped some new comfy clogs, and they are worthy of the purple dinosaur himself, BARNEY!

These Crocs are Barney purple, with bright splashes of green — just like his spots.

Super cute, right?!?


And y’all, my favorite part of these Barney Crocs are the molded dinosaur toes that are attached to the top of the upper clog.

Gah! Adorable!!

The back strap of these Barney Crocs have the words “I love you” and “You love me” embossed in white letters surrounded by purple shadowing.


If you grew up watching Barney — or if your kids love the purple guy — you need a pair of these Barney Crocs!!

These Barney Crocs are available in adults, kids, and toddler sizes, so the entire family can be matchy-matchy!

You can make these Barney Crocs even more personalized by adding Barney Jibbitz — they even have Baby Bop and BJ.


The Barney Crocs start at $49.99, and go up depending on the size that you need.

To get your own Barney Crocs, head on over to the Crocs website.


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