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Costco Just Added A Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie To Their Food Court and I’m On My Way

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It’s safe to say that we all can’t resist Costco’s food court.

I mean, who can turn down their famous hot dog or the low prices that come with each food item and beverage?

For the new year, Costco has made a slight change to their beloved menu.

Replacing one dessert with the next, we hate to say that their churros, have officially said farewell to the warehouse chain.

But this goodbye doesn’t have to be sad, considering the grocery warehouse has replaced the deep fried pastry with another decadent dessert that tastes just as good.

What’s been dubbed the Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie, this new cookie isn’t like grandma’s because this dessert, packs 750 calories!

Courtesy of @snackbetch

That’s right, one cookie from Costco’s food court stuffs almost 800 calories.

Served warm, (of course), Costco’s enormous cookie is made with all butter, semi-sweet and bitter chocolate chunks, and may nearly be the size of your palm.

Courtesy of @snackolator

So if you’re looking for something to settle that sweet tooth of yours while shopping, you can count on Costco’s new cookie to do just the trick.

Available nationwide at Costco chains now, you can count on picking up the new Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie on your next grocery trip!

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