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McDonald’s Crocs Exist and I Call Dibs on The Hamburglar Ones

If McDonald’s and Crocs are your thing, you are going to lose your mind…

McDonald’s Crocs now exist and they are so cute, I am calling dibs on the Hamburglar ones.

The McDonald’s x Crocs collab features a line of shoes, socks and Jibbitz™ charms – including a red McDonald’s x Crocs Classic Clog as well as a limited-edition collection spotlighting the McDonald’s characters – Grimace, Birdie and Hamburglar!  

Come on, how cool would you look walking into McDonald’s wearing these?!

The full McDonald’s x Crocs Collection includes a line of shoes with Jibbitz™ charms available for between $70  $75 a pair, with socks for $20 each:

Grimace x Crocs Cozzzy Sandal: Inspired by everyone’s purple bestie, these sandals lined in faux fur will have you feeling like you’re walking a day in Grimace’s shoes. The Grimace Cozzzy Sandal features his loveable expression on the straps, comes with his favorite treat – a shake in the form of a Jibbitz™ charm, and can be paired with matching socks.

Birdie x Crocs Classic Clog: Early birds like Birdie will be the first to get these Classic Clogs in her signature yellow and pink, with her favorite menu item – a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin® – as a Jibbitz™ charm. Birdie fans can put a little extra pep in their step by coupling the clogs with Birdie’s winged pink socks.

Hamburglar x Crocs Classic Clog: Feel as stealthy as Hamburglar himself with these Classic Clogs in Hamburglar’s famous black and white stripes and Jibbitz™ charms featuring his go-to order (a hamburger, of course). Complete the mischief maker’s look with a pair of matching socks.

McDonald’s x Crocs Classic Clog: For those who want to sport Crocs in a classic McDonald’s style, the McDonald’s x Crocs Classic Clog is for you. The best part? With new Chicken McNuggets®, World Famous Fries® and Big Mac® Jibbitz™ charms, you can wear your go-to order everywhere you go.

I think the hardest part here is, deciding which pair to get. I LOVE THEM ALL but especially the Hamburglar ones – I think the white and black would go with everything!

I am sure these won’t last long so, if you want them – grab them before they are gone!

You can get the McDonald’s Crocs on the Crocs website here.