Kellogg’s Released A Cookies & Creme Krispies Flavored Cereal And I Can’t Wait To Buy A Box

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Even though I must admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of Rice Krispies cereal, making Rice Krispies Treats were one of my favorite things to bake for the class in elementary school.

My mom would add more than a handful of mini M&Ms into the mixture and it would make the sweet treat that much better. It was always a hit in the classroom for sure!


Besides from turning this cereal into an undeniable delicious treat, Kellogg’s has released a new flavored cereal that would have peaked my interest as a kid.


The new Cookies & Creme Krispies cereal is packed with the OG rice krispies that now include little black specks to add that special edition cookie flavor.


The famous Snap, Crackle and Pop cereal has given us a reason to eat breakfast for dinner more often.

The packaging makes it even more tempting to refrain from buying two boxes at once, just look at that cookie!


Luckily, this new flavor has been spotted in the cereal aisle in a variety of different grocery stores such as Acme Markets.

I’m hoping I’ll like this flavor, more than the original Rice Krispies. I need a new cereal to crunch on in the morning, other than honey nut cheerios!


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