Jason Momoa Completed The Scrunchie Challenge Making Him the Ultimate VSCO Girl

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And the ultimate VSCO Girl award goes to… Jason Momoa!

We all know that Jason Momoa has luscious locks and loves to wear his hair in a man bun but what you might not know is that he loves scrunchies.


Yes, just like a true VSCO Girl.

He was even caught wearing a pink scrunchie that matched his outfit at The Oscars earlier this year that has still been talked about.

And now, he has taken the Scrunchie Challenge and the results are hilarious and surprisingly accurate. He sure knows his way around a Scrunchie (see what I did there?)


He took the Scrunchie Challenge from Esquire and during the challenge, he is asked to use his Scrunchies to create different hairstyles.

In the video he starts out by saying:

“I do not like getting haircuts, and my wife doesn’t like them either. She said she’d divorce me if I cut my hair.”

I mean, I am pretty sure we’d all divorce him if he cut those pretty locks…

Then he goes into the hairstyles, first being the ponytail…

Then the half-up, half-down look which he refers to as the “Orlando Bloom” look from Lord of The Rings.

Then of course, his man bun…

But then my favorite of all, the double pony tail look. Seriously, seeing him like this is hilarious!

All in all, I am quite impressed with Jason Momoa’s ability to use a scrunchie. I mean, honestly, is there anything is man cannot do?!

Check out the video for yourself below. Can you take the Scrunchie Challenge?


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  1. He is so damn hot. I could just look at that first picture all day!! Thanks for posting this, Brittanie!!