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Turns Out, You’ve Been Opening Your Multi-Packs Of Drinks Wrong Your Entire Life

My mind is absolutely blown.

Like, I feel so lost right now… like the whole world has kept me in the dark, I’ve had a grand awakening!

For years I have struggled with a problem, the problem of removing drinks from the plastic ring packaging that holds them together.

bnation.ent – TikTok

Usually, my removal technique results in me struggling for a good bit trying to take them out and hurting my hands.

After I spend a good bit of time torturing myself, I move on to tracking down scissors or a knife…

All of this time there was a much simpler way to remove the drinks from the plastic rings holding them together.

How many of you already knew this was a thing?

And if you did know this was a thing, how could you keep this a secret from the rest of us?

Turns out you don’t need superhuman strength or scissors to open up those multipacks!

bnation.ent – TikTok

There is actually a little tab that you can pull and it releases each drink one by one!

This is so easy and no one ever told me!

Make sure to pass on this information to others so they can have an easier life too!

bnation.ent – TikTok

I’m amazed, shocked, and annoyed all at once… watch the full video here.

bnation.ent – TikTok