Here’s How To Handle The Holidays When Your Family Doesn’t Speak To You

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The holidays can be the absolute worst when you don’t have someone to share them with. I, unfortunately have been there.

Without writing an entire book on the tragedies of my life, to give you a little peek, my family disowned me over not being able to come to an agreement on our beliefs.

I would consider my dad a bit of an extremist, but they did what they believed was right and because of it, now never speak to me.

It’s been 10 years now, and although the scars have healed some, it always stings around the holidays. I’m married now with two kids that they have never met and unfortunately, never will. All over a disagreement.

The first few years, I wallowed or ignored the holidays completely. I’d make myself a Thanksgiving TV dinner and cry or I’d sign up to work all of the holidays to take my mind off of it.

But I have learned along the way that just because your family is blood, they may not actually show you the family love you deserve. And sometimes, you have to make your own family.

I have now surrounded myself with people who are not my biological family, but that I know will love me no matter what. No conditions or ultimatums. No walking away just because we think differently.

So if your family has disowned you, abandoned you, or maybe you never had one in the first place, always know that you can find your own family and support system and start over. Because you are worth it.

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