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Michael’s Is Selling A Black Pencil Tree Complete With A Pumpkin Base Just In Time For Halloween

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I have ALWAYS loved the idea of using Christmas trees for other holidays! SO much so, that In college, I spray painted a tree and did JUST that!

Mind you, this was TEN years ago! I’m still proud of my Halloweenie Tree. And now that it’s trending, it warms my heart!!!


Michaels just came out with this AMAZING Halloween tree! Not only does it have black branches and orange lights, but the base is literally a pumpkin!


This is iconic. I love everything about this. This is way better than attempting to spray paint an entire tree and EVERY SINGLE piece of the branches.


The orange lights are already built it, making life SO much easier. And the tree is 6 feet tall, making it perfect for most homes!


What are your thoughts on this? Keeping the ‘Christmas’ tree just for Christmas, or on your way to buy one now? These can only be bought online, so check out the Michaels website before they all sell out!


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