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McCafe K-Cups Now Have Three New Fall Flavors And I Have To Try Them All

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I love coffee and I love fall. So when fall flavors are added to coffee, it’s literally a dream come true!

McCafe has released three new fall flavors, and honestly, I can’t decide which I am most excited about!

Baked Apple Pie, Toffee Almond, and Classic French Toast. YUM. Get in my belly!

Just looking at the three flavor options, the French Toast is the first that caught my eye. The maple syrupy taste has always been a favorite of mine in coffee!


A very close second, though, is the Toffee Almond flavor. Nutty flavors always go so well with coffee!


The Baked Apple Pie flavor sounds the least appealing, but we shall see…


These are already available in most grocery and retail stores. Which are you going to try first?


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