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Coca-Cola Is Dropping 200 Drink Brands And I’m Okay With That

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Coke is dropping 200 of its drink brands — and that is half of their portfolio.

I don’t know what’s more surprising; that Coke is cancelling half of its drink brands, or that Coke has over 400 brands. “Shocked Emoji*

Now, some of the brands, I’m going to be honest, I didn’t even realize were still around — like Tab.


Others, are definitely favorites — like Odwalla — and I’m going to be sad to see them go.

Don’t worry, Coke is keeping all their core products — so your Coke Zero is okay for now. Whew.


If you think about it, this move makes sense. This way, they can drop the drinks that nobody drinks, and focus on their main staples — and bring us even better products!

On that list of growing Coke products is Topo Chico hard seltzer. It’s the only caffeinated adult seltzer that I know of — and that’s pretty dang awesome! It was launched last year, and if you live in Latin America, go get some!!

I’ll just sit over here in my corner being jealous!


CEO James Quincey said during an analyst call that the company has finalized which brands will remain in the portfolio. He didn’t give specific names that will get axed, but said that the “hydration” category, with Dasani, Powerade, Vitamin Water and Zico, and other brands, will likely see more cuts.

CNN Business

So, my question for you is — what the heck is Zico. I mean, if it isn’t something I’ve even heard of, I’m okay with it going. BUT, don’t mess with my Powerade or Vitamin Water, man!


According to CNN Business, many of the drink brands that Coke is going to axe are ones that are only available in certain markets. Maybe that’s why I haven’t even heard of Zico before.

As you can imagine, the dadgum pandemic has had a huge effect on ALL the drink companies. I mean, think about it, all the restaurants that were — and still are — closed. That was dang near 9% of the Coca Cola business!

Speaking of Coke, have you tried Coke and peanuts together. I don’t mean like, peanuts eaten on the side. I’m talking about peanuts IN the coke. My husband swears by it. What do you think?


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