People Are Putting Peanuts In Their Coke and Now I Need to Try It

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The internet is full of strange things and weird food combinations (hello, pregnant mamas) but this one has me scratching my head but also wondering how it tastes…

People Are Putting Peanuts In Their Coke and Now I Need to Try It!

Now, this is as literal as it sounds… People are taking salted peanuts and sticking them inside their bottles or cups of coke.

The peanuts make the Coke bubble and they float at the top!

While I’ve never ever heard of this before, it’s apparently a thing and tons of people do it. In fact, it’s all over Instagram…

So, where or when did this even become a thing?

Apparently, it’s a Southern thing.

But even more interesting is that The National Peanut Federation’s site (and yes that is also a thing) claims that the practice of adding peanuts to Coke originated in the 1920s when workers with dirty hands didn’t want to handle their peanuts, so they would just dump them in their Coke.

But then the sweet and salty sensation became a tradition in the south and the rest is history.

In case you decide to try this, people say that diet coke is terrible with it and Pepsi doesn’t taste the same.

So, stick with regular Coke and Salted Peanuts to give it a try!

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