M&M’S New White Chocolate Snowballs Will Make You Want To Celebrate Christmas Early This Year

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It’s never too early to celebrate the holidays, even if it is 90 degrees out and during the peak of the heated day, sometimes all we need is a cool down day.

On the days where it seems like we just can’t beat the heat, Mars, Incorporated is launching a new type of M&M that will make you wish it was a fa-la-la-la day instead of a beach one.

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Introducing, M&M’s new White Chocolate Snowballs with a pretzel center!

Each M&M is covered in a crunchy white chocolate shell with a salty pretzel center that combines sweet and salty for a limited edition sweet treat.

The pieces themselves are shades of blue and white for a winter inspired dessert with the orange M&M character rocking winter gear and glasses made out of what you might find when you bite into one of the M&M’s.

M&M’s new White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs were created exclusively for the 2021 holiday season, but you can expect to find the snack bag featured at retailers nationwide beginning this upcoming September. 

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The new flavor will come in a single size, share size and a laydown bag and since we’re in the holiday spirit, who wishes for a snow day this winter season say I!

Courtesy of @mmschocolate

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