You’ll Soon Be Able to See The Full Strawberry Supermoon, Here’s How.

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Heads up! No literally.

The full Strawberry supermoon will be brightening the night sky this month! 

June’s full moon, otherwise known as the Strawberry Moon is the last full moon of the spring season and the first full moon of summer.

While traditionally named as the Strawberry Moon, the full moon’s name has no relation in color to the red fruit.

Courtesy of the Almanac

While the full moon will most likely show a golden-orange or white color, there is a chance it could appear with a red hue.

“The moon usually appears reddish when it’s close to the horizon because the light rays must pass through the densest layers of the atmosphere,” according to Almanac. 


The name of June’s full moon originates from the Native American Algonquian tribes that lived in the northeastern region of the U.S.

The name “Strawberry Moon”, marks the time of the season where June-bearing strawberries are ready to be gathered.

Other names that June’s full moon goes by include the “Honey Moon” and the “Mead Moon,” which were derived from the European culture according to the Almanac.

However, many cultures over time have titled the 12 moons differently.

You can catch the full Strawberry supermoon during the evening, this Saturday on June 3 right after sunset.

So once you’re done viewing the sun paint the sky, you can watch the full moon rise with hopefully, some left over red paint from the sun.

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