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This NY Company Is Hiring High School Graduates At Nearly 6 Figures A Year And You Have To Check This Out

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We are always told that you have to earn a college degree if you want to make good money.

BUT, there is an excellent opportunity for HIGH SCHOOL graduates to be making the big bucks.

When I say “making the big bucks,” I’m talking about making nearly six figures a year!

Yes, please. Where do I sign up?

According to Fox News, Harrison & Burrowes — a construction company — is willing to pay high school graduates up to $47 an hour. This is AFTER they complete a summer apprenticeship with the company.

Harrison & Burrowes

College isn’t for everybody — and with the rising cost of tuition, we can provide a great opportunity for those folks that the path to college might not be the best path for them.

Chris DiStefano, Owner and COO Harrison & Burrowes
Harrison & Burrowes

Harrison & Borrowes is going to give rising seniors the opportunity to work up to 200 hours and complete a summer apprenticeship with the company.

Once the student graduates high school, they just might be considered for full-time employment.

I can’t believe what an opportunity this is!! If your kid — or maybe even YOU — doesn’t jump at this chance, you are insane.

When they come on, they can come on at 18 years old and make a steady wage and have a sustainable career going forward

Chris DiStefano, Owner and COO Harrison & Burrowes

Harrison & Burrowes is located in Albany, NY, and focuses on building, maintaining, and repairing bridges.

Harrison & Burrowes

That is job security right there! I’m ALWAYS seeing bridges on the freeway that are under construction.

What’s the catch? There really isn’t one.

You would forego college now for a great employment opportunity.

That’s not to say that you couldn’t go to college later. But, you may not want to!

Seriously, I graduated with 2 degrees, and I don’t make NEARLY 6 figures.

You can go to the Harrison & Burrowes website to read more about the company and to get information about applying for this awesome opportunity.

Harrison & Burrowes

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