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TikTok Users Are Freaking Out Over This Woman’s Terrifying Halloween Display and I Don’t Blame Them

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I love the creativity people have during Halloween! A TikTok user named Alondra blew people away with the Halloween decorations she added to her car for a truly horrifying display!

Sis I would literally call 911 if I saw that!


Ha, you can’t blame them for that thought! It truly does look realistic! The scene looks like someone that is fleeing a hit and run scene. Complete with dent, blood, and even bloody hand poking out of the trunk area!

So our car has a big dent at the back and we took it as the perfect opportunity to make something scary for Halloween.


Alondra said that the car already had a big dent in it so she only needed a few cheap items to make it into a gruesome scene.

She used fake blood that she picked up from Walmart, a fake hand from the 99 cent store, some press-on nails, and then some old hair extensions.

you ain’t fooling me that’s a real person


Her car decorations are so realistic that people were concerned about her getting pulled over or worse.

all fun and games till halloween is over


Check it out below and let me know what you think! Her TikTok post has already been watched over 9.5 million times! She posted an update and said that so far, she has not been pulled over!


been getting lots of attention on the streets with this lol ##halloween ##scarytiktoks ##fyp

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