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People Have Seemed To Find Brian Laundrie’s Pinterest Account Where He Was Pinning Cryptic Messages

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Brian Laundrie seems to be pinning some very cryptic images and messages on a Pinterest account, seeing them and reading them gives me eerie feelings.

Moab Police

There is one that was pinned last month that reads:

THE OPPOSITE OF LOST. Don’t try to find me. I have finally escaped my ‘master’s’ wicked clutches. To the others I say: JOIN ME. BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. Vive la liberté – Pierre

Pinterest Pin


Brian has been named a “person of interest” in the death of his “fiance” Gabby Petito and he is missing… aka on the run and hiding.

Moab Police

The Pinterest account is under the user name @blaundrie1197, but that has not been confirmed according to a report by the Sun.

Moab Police

However, it seems likely that the account really is his because the account shares albums with a page that belongs to Gabby as well as his own mother, Roberta.

Moab Police

The pin shown above originated from a flier for a missing dog from 2006, it just seems like an odd thing to pin right?

There is also a folder called “My Heart” that has a pin of a quote from the movie ‘Fight Blub’ that reads:

It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.

Pinterest Pin

Another pinned post that caught the attention of people that have been following the case and looking for clues was made about 5 weeks ago.

Moab Police

Where is Brian Laundrie?

The folder where this pin is found is called “Bleak” and the pin referred to a book called ‘Burnt Out: How to Cope with Autistic Burnout’ according to the report by The Sun.

Autistic burnout is when autistic people can’t do things they used to because of how little energy they have left. It takes a whole lot more energy to function whilst being autistic and do basic tasks such as remembering to eat or doing laundry. Burnout leaves us feeling weak and exhausted.

a synopsis reportedly reads

The one that gets me the most is a pin of artwork with a headstone that reads “My baby” and the words “She’ll never find a sweet man like me”… what is all of this?

My baby. She’ll never find a sweet man like me. Let her go, let her go, GOD BLESS HER, wherever she may be.

Pinterest pin

How long had Brian been planning to do this, sure… you could say innocent until proven guilty… but I think it’s pretty clear already.

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  1. People are missing a pin. There is a picture in “My Heart” of a squirrel strangling another squirrel at night. Wonder when This was saved….