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You Can Crochet Your Own Coraline Doll and It Is Creepy Cool

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Coraline is one of our favorites here at my house. I love watching this movie with the girls! I was browsing Etsy looking for cool things (kind of my favorite past time lately) and I came across a pattern to crochet an amigurumi style, Coraline!


Isn’t it amazing? Now you do have to have knowledge on crocheting amigurumi style to make her. This pattern is rated intermediate to hard skill level.


If you use the same materials as the pattern designer recommends, your finished doll will measure about 33 cm. She used mercerized cotton, 100g/170m with a 3.Omm crochet hook.


There is a lot of small details in this doll, so it will take someone with a lot of skill and patience to tackle this one! My middle daughter, Lauren saw me looking at this and now she wants to learn to crochet!


You can purchase your own crochet pattern to make an amigurumi style crochet Coraline doll from AUKILLU on Etsy for only $7!

I kind of love this! I guess I need to look up some YouTube lessons on crocheting for my daughter so she can learn to crochet. After she learns, then she can make this for me.


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  1. I have the pattern and was wondering if there is a video. The legs are giving me a problem because of yarn color changes. Any thoughts.

  2. Wow I would love this bc I’m a fan is it for sale?xx

  3. I don’t understand the hair! Am I supposed to be making this big rectangle with an arm sticking out? 7-35 looks like it’ll be a big rectangle. 361-800-5600 tell me yes or no pls

      Hey there, the pattern is poorly written or is translated badly from another language. If you need help you can message me and I’ll walk you through it(if you haven’t figure it out already )

    2. Can you help me? The pattern has been a real challenge. Legs are my problem now.
      What would be a safe way to contact you.

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