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You Can Get Some Adorable Ghost Candles To Decorate Your House With This Fall

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I’ve been posting a lot of spooky stuff lately when it comes to fall décor, but what about the cute stuff!?

I love the minimalist fall décor that’s cute, not so creepy, and just makes you want to curl up with a book and sip on some cider. I think I have found the best new addition to the aesthetic!


I mean, come on. How CUTE are these!? These are the least scary ghosts I have ever seen and they are more than welcome to hang out with me at my place.


I love them. I want one in every color. They may get spooky looking once you start melting them, but I don’t think I could bring myself to even do that. They’re just too cute!


You can pick between 16 different scents and 12 different colors. Looking at the list of scents, I have to say my choice would be the hazelnut coffee….um…yum.


If you are finding these as adorable as I am, you can find them at CoolkieShop on Etsy! The prices range according to the scent/color you pick, but they are a top seller right now!


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