How Happy Coffee Helped Me Get Rid Of My Cankles

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I am super clumsy. So clumsy, in fact that I have broken my feet. That’s right. I didn’t break just one foot, I broke both of them– at different times.

The first time was when I fell into a koi pond.

(Yes, they go after you like you’re fish food when you first fall in, but if you flail about enough, they will go away. Pro tip.)

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And the second time was when I tripped over the edge of one of those carpet protector chair mat thingies and pulled a computer over onto the top of my foot. (I’d try to explain it, but it’s so awkward, we are better off with me just saying it wasn’t a move any ballerina would make.)

What did this mean for me? It means that I basically had permanent cankles. These two breaks in my feet basically caused permanent inflammation and swelling in my ankles.

Swelling I could NOT get rid of. I tried prescriptions. I tried over the counter stuff. I tried compression socks. I tried drinking double my weight in water.

I tried everything, but I could NOT get rid of them. I was in boot cut jeans hell. (Even in the middle of summer.)

And that’s when a friend told me that she got rid of her swelling in her ankles with happy coffee. So, I figured it was worth a shot.

How Happy Coffee Helped Me Get Rid of My Cankles

I started drinking happy coffee in the mornings, and before I knew it, the swelling in my ankles was gone. Now, not only can I wear skinny jeans, but the swelling is down so much I can even tuck them into cute boots, too. 🙂

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Let’s chat coffee! (And cute shoes…)

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