Sweet Baby Ray’s Released A Sugar-Free Barbecue Sauce and I Can’t Wait to Try It

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Summer is officially barbecue time right? I love barbecue and I love Sweet Baby Ray’s! Sometimes I make my own sauce, but when I don’t, Sweet Baby Ray’s is my top pick!

I was hoping to start keto again soon! Last time I did it I felt so much better because it really did help with some of my health issues.

Before you lecture me… keto can be helpful for those with seizure disorders (totally neuro approved for me).


So, imagine my happiness when I learned that Sweet Baby Ray’s has a no sugar added barbecue sauce line now! It’s called Ray’s!

This new line of no sugar added barbecue sauces from Sweet Baby Ray’s will be a game-changer for me! There is only 1 gram of net carbs and 1 gram of sugar per serving with these new sauces!


They are also gluten-free and vegan! This will be so perfect for my mom too! She has strict dietary guidelines that she has to follow due to severe allergies.


The new line of sauces come in two flavors. You can choose “Original” or “Hickory”.

I hope they decide to add something a little spicy and tangy as well! But, you could always spice it up yourself right?

These new sauces are already out in stores nationwide.

You can find the no sugar added Sweet Baby Ray’s sauces with the other Sweet Baby Ray’s products. They sell for about $3.29 or less depending on where you live.


I’m super excited to give them a try! What about you? Have you already tried them? If so, what did you think? Could you tell a big difference in taste?

I am so ready for some barbecue chicken on the grill! I know my kids are itching to eat some barbecued pork ribs! Great, now I’m starving again, seriously, check out this BBQ meal bowl…


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