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You Can Now Get An ‘It’ Red Balloon Table And I’m A Little Terrified

You guys!! This is crazy. Sort of cool, but mostly terrifying… You Can Now Get An ‘It’ Red Balloon Table. Yes, your table can float too!


If you are looking for a way to terrify guests every time they come over, say no more.


This UP Balloon Dining Table features red balloons with “strings” as the base that hold up the glass part of the table. While the company calls it the UP Balloon Table, I couldn’t help but think of IT and Pennywise so, I am calling it the IT Balloon Table.


This uplifting design was imagined by Christopher Duffy, with the concept of levitation and buoyancy. For 2017, Duffy London introduces a round dining table version in 2 sizes.


While it comes in a variety of colors including black, gold, silver and red, I can’t help but think this is the perfect, creepy piece you can have in your home to make a statement.

While one of these tables will set you back about $10,000 you cannot deny how cool and creepy it is. You can check out the table here.

Of course, if you still want an IT themed decor piece without the hefty price, check out this IT Balloon Lamp. It’s creepy, cool too!

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