Turns Out, Your Vintage Polly Pockets Could Be Worth A Ton of Money

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Where are my 1990s babies at?


You know you played with them — Polly Pockets! I owned a compact or two of Polly and her Pollyville town. All the cool kids did.

Well, go dig through your attic or basement. There are some vintage Polly Pocket compacts that are selling for THOUSANDS of dollars.

It seems in Australia, the Vintage Polly Pockets fad is hitting hard. If you go look on eBay UA, the pocket compact dolls are selling for upwards of THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!


There is a little caveat. It seems they want the vintage Polly Pockets in their ORIGINAL packaging. That simply didn’t fly at my house! Those tiny towns were torn out of their packages within five seconds. Ha!


If you actually PLAYED with your Polly Pockets — duh — you might not be able to get the big bucks for your vintage find.


If you can stand to part with them, though, you may want to just go see what you can get for your childhood FAVORITE toy.


I’m not going to lie, I dug mine out, and ended up playing with it for like twenty minutes. Then, I decided there is no money amount worth parting with this gem. LOL!


Of course, it wasn’t one that would have sold for $3K, or it might have been a whole different story. Bahaha!


It looks like the most sought after Polly Pocket compacts are the BlueBird Polly Pocket, the Princess Polly Travel Clock, the BlueBird Carnival Queen wrist locket, and the BlueBird Wedding Day necklace.


Would you part with your childhood treasures for possible thousands of dollars?


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