This Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser Helps Make Your Paper Towels Last Longer And I Need One

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Many household items have been in high demand as of recently.

Tissue paper, Bleach, Lysol Spray, hand sanitizer and paper towels, are some of the items I notice that are either missing from the grocery store or are very limited!

One specific household item that I’m constantly running out of, are paper towels. It seems like I’m frequently buying them at the store whenever I go for a grocery run!

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So if you have a similar problem like myself, this product on Amazon should do the trick and will create less trips to the grocery store!

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It’s called the Innovia Automatic Paper Towel Holder & Dispenser, and it conveniently stores your paper towels, while dispensing only a few towels at once. Simply open the dispenser and load in your paper towels from the store.

There’s a motion sensor at the top of the paper towel holder that dispenses your paper towels, saving you money and making your paper towels last longer!

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If you prefer more paper towels, keep your hand steady in front of the sensor and more paper towels will dispense. Any paper towels that aren’t ripped off, will be pulled back in!

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The hands-free paper towel holder reduces the risk of cross contamination when you’re cooking.

Considering what’s also going on in today’s world, the motion sensor allows for a cleaner and a more sanitized environment.

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The product is powered by an AC adapter that is included or four D-cell batteries that are not included. The product comes in a black finish. However, customizable designs such as stainless steel, are available to match the decor in your kitchen!

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For $130 dollars, you can purchase the Innovia Automatic Paper Towel Holder & Dispenser off of Amazon to make each paper towel roll last longer and for a sleeker design on your counter tops!


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