Russian Doll Is Netflix’s Newest Show and It’s Pure Perfection

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When Natsha Lyonne popped up in my Netflix previews I thought it was for Orange Is The New Black, but it turns out it was for Russian Doll. And this is so, so much better. 

Natasha Lyonne not only stars as this super chic video game coder and overly sarcastic awesome-person in Russian Doll, she’s also the freakin’ co-creator. Dude. She KILLS it in this.

Russian Doll’s got a 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and Rolling Stone is already calling it one of the best shows of the year. Both of these are well deserved.

It is so so worthy.

It’s kind of this whole Groundhog Day meets New York City with an extra set of sass sort of thing, and I could not have loved it more. The thing is, I don’t usually go for that whole “time-loop” kind of story, but this one had me on the edge of my seat.

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Oh, and let’s not even forget about just how amazing her hair is. WHO has hair that good? Is it even real? It’s insane.

It’s not just that it’s funny, but it’s also gritty and raw in the most vulnerable way. You almost want to fight for the characters themselves.

And when they twist drops a few episodes in, you won’t be ready for it, but you will be very excited about the whole thing.

Something cool happens in every single episode, though. Each scene needs to be picked apart bit by bit. In fact, after I watched it once, I went back and watched it again just to find out what I missed in Russian Doll when I watched it the first time.

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WATCH THIS. Trust me, you want to see it, and if you don’t, then you might be dead inside.

Russian Doll

Which is, kind of the point, I think.

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